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As a benefit of Membership in the HFSDV members are welcome to have their professional services & web site listed here.

Looking for a program, lecturer or demonstrator for your next event?  Many of our members are gifted speakers, teachers, and demonstrators. 

This list has been compiled so those of you wishing to hire someone of top quality will have access to more information.

Please note you must contact the person DIRECTLY and all negotiations as to program/price is between you and that person NOT the HFSDV. 

Speakers List

Period Cooking Classes, Lectures, Demos


As a benefit of membership—our Speakers List is published and updated regularly:


HFSDV Members- Do you wish to be included on this list?  Please Send your information, including name, credentials, web site, e-mail and any other pertinent information to info@historicfoodways.org

To Contact Susan Please E-mail:

· foodhxsmp@aol.com

· www.hearttohearthcookery.com

   Mercy Ingraham, open hearth cook and co-author of Colonial Burlington Cookery,  is pleased to offer both instruction and demonstrations in the use of fire to prepare food. Favorite themes include Colonial cooking, Dutch Foodways, Campfire techniques and contemporary cooking. Programs for children may be arranged by special request.

   Each class will focus on a selected theme. Students will be provided with a suitable bibliography, recipes, hands-on instruction, and the opportunity to eat the fruits of their labors. Students will come away from the experience with an enhanced knowledge of food preparation, and an increased respect for the efforts our ancestors made in their daily lives.

To Contact Mercy Ingraham Please E-mail:

· mercyingraham@gmail.com

· www.openhearthcook.com

Instruction in Open Hearth Cookery

Colonial Hearth Cooking

Connie Unangst is pleased to offer her services as an open hearth cook, providing instruction in both 18th and 19th century food preparations.  Connie offers hands-on classes as well as demonstrations. 

To Contact Connie Unangst Please E-mail:

· ceunangst@comcast.net

Susan McLellan Plaisted, Proprietress, Heart to Hearth Cookery offers a wide range of food history lectures and slides series that include:  The 18th Century Hearth, 18th Century Bill of Fare, Dining with William Penn, Tea in the 18th Century, The History of Chocolate, From Hearth to Cook stove, The Bake Oven, Lenape Foodways and more on request.  The Dining with William Penn and Lenape Foodways lecture topics are available through the Pennsylvania Humanities Council for those sites and organizations that qualify.  

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