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If food is your passion then this is the place for you!  The Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley (HFSDV) is a group of individuals and institutions dedicated to the promotion and understanding of food and its place and contributions in history.  Members are food lovers who wish to share, not only their love of food, but their passion with other like minded folks.  Focusing mainly on 17th through the 19th century cooking,  the Foodways Society sponsors programs throughout the year including visits and lectures to historic sites as well as our Annual Meeting held each November. 

The Society provides its members with informational programs four times a year, a quarterly newsletter, and an opportunity for people who are interested in culinary culture to gather and learn from experts and from each other.  Many historic sites throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey have been hosts for our meetings and have helped to advance our understanding of foodways from the perspective of the host site, its cultural surroundings, and local food traditions. 


September 7, 2014 Program information available on ‘HFSDV Programs’ page

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Making “Roux”

The different ’stages’ and colors of making a roux—a demonstration at the New Orleans School of Cooking.

April 2013

Photo courtesy of S. Luczu


Picture from bottom to top:

White Roux

Blonde Roux

 Light Brown Roux

Medium Brown Roux

Dark Brown Roux

Chocolate Roux


“Roux—A mixture of flour and fat* that, after being slowly cooked over low heat is used to thicken mixtures such as soups and sauces.  There are three classic roux—white, blonde and brown.  The color and flavor is determined by the length of time the mixture is cooked.  Both white and blonde are made with butter.  White is cooked just until it begins to turn beige and blond until pale golden.  Both are used to thicken cream and white sauces and light soups. 

The fuller-flavored brown roux can be made with butter, drippings, pork or beef fat.  It’s cooked to a deep golden brown and used for rich, dark soups and sauces.  Cajun and Creole dishes use a lard-based roux, which is cooked (sometimes for almost an hour) until a beautiful mahogany brown or chocolate color.  This dark nutty-flavored base is indispensable for specialties like Gumbo.”

Ref: The New Food Lover’s Companion—2007

* (Generally equal portions of flour to fat)